Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The Morrigan- author unknown

When the Morrigan moves through the fields

Only she the white is seen at the sky.

Single dark fogs fly across the heaven

and clothe the great Queen like a splendid robe.

When the Morrigan moves through the fields

She is bare, only her black hair covers her

Followed by a flock of crows

She strides through the world

The crows shriek hurries on ahead of her,

heralding of her harvest

When the Morrigan moves through the fields

She is Destroyess and Mistress of the world

One glance into her mirroring eyes

Leeds you across without pain

Every burning sorrow she takes away

in her cool black boat.

avalonpriestess.jpg image by jaimelynnford

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  1. Invocation to Morrighan
    By Lady Ivy Rhiannon

    Black Maiden, Voice of the Land, we call Thee to manifest upon land,
    Great Goddess of Rebirth, Battle and War,
    Goddess of Death and the Underworld,
    Manifest within Thee I seek to a gain empowerment and understanding
    Of all masculinity

    Skyclad and striped bare of all I am,
    I call unto you to cleanse me at your hand.
    Blood and bones that are to be eaten away,
    That new life and flesh will take its’ place.
    Transformation I call unto thee, Great Goddess Morrighan
    I call unto Thee

    Seeker within the Dark, this I seek within me
    Seductive, and Highly sexual I call unto thee
    Morrihgan, in all your aspects that you are I call thee forth
    In this Circle Now,

    This is not a command but a request from thee,
    To learn and gain all in knowledge from thee
    This is my Will for Invoking Thee
    May you manifest Now
    So Mote It Be!

    Incense to Morrighan

    2 pts Belladonna [if available]
    2 pts Alder
    1 pt Borage
    1 ½ pt Cypress
    ½ pt Blackthorn
    ½ pt Mistletoe

    For recipes for the feasts and ways to celebrate and prepare offerings to Morrigan, get Pagan Feasts Seasonal Food for the Eight Festivals, by Anna Frankin. Her feast day is the Autumal Equinox/Herfest, but many including myself associate her to the Blood Moon and Samhain, so those foods too would be appreciated. Incense for Morrighan is created by Lady Ivy Rhiannon.

    Scottish Myths and Legends, by K.E. Sullivan are full of Barding that tell of stories of crows, witches, seas and much more.

    Note: This is an on going project in which I am only beginning and seeking to learn under Morrighan and learn of the Underworld from her forth aspect asthe Black Maiden in order to gain knowledge and empowerment within myself of the Underworld and Death. I will be later adding on Pathwork and Ritual that will sacred to her and her manifestation. I have been very drawn to Her lately and am seeking out to learn from Her, and she has come to me in many ways that are not to be completely revealed at this time. I will say I feel Her Power in me daily as I seek her and her knowledge.