Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am the Shadow you fear
I am the silence you dread
I am the dark unknown
and mysteries untold
I am three but I am One
My voice is heard in the caws of the raven
I am Magick, I am Power. I am a Shapeshifter
Iam Justice severe, and love that does not coddle
I am the ultimate feminine clothed in the night
I am a liberator for women, the abused and downtrodden
I am a Nightmare to those with evil intent
I am Morrighan The Great Phantom Queen”
Dark Moon Circle )0(
Dedicated to the Dark Goddess, and The pagan Community
Dark Moon Circle is a circle , ecoven of witches , and pagans who are dedicated and honor the Goddess, spec the dark Goddess . Dark Moon Circle is dedicated to the Morrighan as I am Her priestess, and daughter, and am Priestess , Owner,Moderator of Dark Moon Circle. I am part of another dedicated to Hecate but here this is dedicated to my matron. This is a ecclectic ecoven, celtic flavored, and woman only.Also this is not a Wiccan traditon circle either If you are 20and over,  you are welcomed As you saw on the first page and link you can come join the magick circle.
I hope in time to have regular teachings going on not jusst by me but by others, we will see LOL
This is just begining I do have vision but one step at a time to.
formerly knwon as Mystic)0(

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