Monday, July 13, 2009

Come with me if ye dare
Beneath my veil and in my heart
My Magick is all around
As is my shadow here and now
I walk the ways of light and dark
Sometimes hard to tell them apart
Few be they who understand my way
I am different and not a follower
I sometimes watch others around
How they laugh and love
I wonder how long it lasts
For me they never do
love comes and goes
They say they will never walk away,
and love you forever
How can any promise what they can not keep
for nothing here lasts forever
Sometimes I am like the Owl
set out side watching life
I am like the crow I come and go
I am of the night yet I live in the light
I am a daughter and priestess of the Morrighan
I am MysticMoonCrow

Oh to be with the Dark Mother
Were Shadows dwell
The erie mist
The chill of the wind
The moon above giving the only light
Alone with Her in Her forest of Magick and Mystery

Oh Morrigan take me with you
Come my Mother take me into your darkness
Where few dare to go
Where The Crow and raven dwell

Oh Morrigan Morrigan Matron of priestess and witches
Come how my heart longs for you tonight
To be embrace by your dark shadow

With my robe black as night
I cover my head and face
O How I would to have a casket bed
To lay in peace and have some rest
To imagine what it is for my body to be dead
Ash to ash dust to dust
so my body returns to Mother earth
Why pay thousands for a box
Decorated pretty
Yet buried to rot
Has the living no knowldge, no understanding
Our bodies are just tents
waiting for the winds again to blow
Temporary dwellings
I shake my head at the ways of humans


Mirror Mirror on the wall
Tell me now once for all
Why the darkness of my soul
When will the tears of sorrow go

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Tell me now once for all
When will the madness go
have I crossed the plain of sanity
What is sane what is not

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Tell me now once for all


Crow comes to me again
Reminding me Magick is all around
If I look and see
I will find the magick is alive in me
Never forget who you are
For thats the first step down
to the realm of insanity