Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hail Great Morrigan

Macha, Badb, Nemain

Ancient Goddess of war and strife

Passionate in your love

Powerful in your magick and words

Morrigan Morrigan Morrigan

Oh how has thou ravished my heart

Great Queen

Thou who makes mens heart tremble

and to drip in fear

I hail and salute thee

My Great Mother., Queen of witches and faery alike

I offer my heart upon thy sacred altar

As a rose plucked for a lover


Morrigan's rose
Here within my heart
Within my darkness
Her rose sits
Morrigan's rose
Blood red in color
Dripping Her essence into my soul
Morrigan's rose
A gift of the Goddess to me
Her perfect love
Which never dies
Morrigan's rose
Great Morrigan
Why does thy rose bleed
It drips great drops like of blood

A red rose is an expression of love from the heart
The rose is a symbol of my heart for you
It is not bleeding as you may think
My heart is ever distilling love.
I can not hold it back
for it ever overflows

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