Friday, April 10, 2009

Entering the Circle of the Morrigan

I asked the Morrigan once , would you show me the entrance into your circle?.....................
Through a meditation the answer came.

Under a moonlit sky a path appears.
Leading deep into the woods.
Trees of all sorts along each side.
A chill in the air
A gentle breeze welcomes me.
I walk and walk.

A midst appears infront of me

I know I am to walk through it.
I walk
I hear caws from all around me but see nothing.
I walk
I feel erieness but not dread
I feel a peace.
I walk throu the midst.

I see the moon above me, as the midst clears
I see water as a river in front of me down the path.
I walk.
I hear a howling and suddenly see a greyish wolf come out infront me
not to close
I stand and just stare She is huge.....................

The moon over the river severn at Newnham on Severn

She speaks to me
All who pass this way must go through the waters
Do you wish to pass?

I say yes

I walk near to waters
The wolf speaks again
All who enter must do so naked.
You must must leave your clothing behind.
Everything must be left.

I strip myself of everything.
I am naked, not even any jewerly.

The water is sparkling ,yet dark
The current is strong.

The wolf speaks again
Do you enter without fear in perfect trust?

I do.

You may enter.


I slip into the waters.
They are chilly cold, yet refreshing.
I swim yet feel as if I am being pulled under.
I am going down down in a spiral now
I feel fear arise
Then remember I said I enter in perfect trust and calm myself
I surrounder to the drowning.
I am released
I rise on the other side.
I come out of the water dripping wet and chilled

Somone dressed in black comes over to me with a red towel
She says here dry yourself.
I do.

Suddenly a black horse huge comes out of nowwhere
The one dressed in black and hooded, speaks
You must get on, you will be taken to the entrance from here

If She has called you at this time you be allowed entrance
She helps me onto the horse and I hold on to the main, silky and black
This horse is just gorgeous.

We go into the forrst
I hold on tigh as the horse gallops as if hurrying.
A Mist appears again we go through it
For a time I cannot see even the horse.
We come out of the mist.

The horse stops another one dressed in black and hooded assits me down.
Suddenly this one pulls out a sword dripping in blood pointed at my heart
Why have you come? I am asked

To meet with the Morrigan and see the entrance of Her circle

How do you come?

I recognise some questions as I have been through questions of the like. I answer
In perfect love and perfect trust

She putys sword away and says you may proceed walk this way.
I do and walk down the dark place
The path of the dark Goddess.
I hear the caws and shrieks, and an uncanny laughter
I walk I am in Morrigans presence.
Yet I see no one.
I keep walking
I come to this tower and gate.

It is ancient .
The gate has two swords across it.
The gate opens, I walk through
I see a bonfire and an altar and one who looked as if waiting for me.

I walk suddnely two crows fly over and land upon the altar
I notice familar things on the altar, and a sword.

She turns to me
" I am the High Priestess of the Morrigan...
Do you wish entrance into Her circle?"


Entrance is by the sword
Do you trust Her?

I thought and carefully answered yes.

You come here naked as you should
One thing now must be done
She takes the sword it is amazing large and powerful.
Points it to my heart
She pierces it through
It feels like a fire yet not pain in how you think of pain.
Your heart she says must be circomcised by Her sword
You must be willing to die first to your old life and be willing to be reborn to a new.

Are you willing
I am
She peirces the sword further all the way
fire and suddenly I am envolpedin great light
Love I feel loved yet so exposed
It slowly fades and just me and the High priestess
I want to faint yet I stand.
Her sword is stioll pointed now at my throat.
Do you understand the circle of the Morrigan is sacred
all who enter are Hers.
I do
Do you unederstand The Morrigan command the very best of you nothing less. Are you willing to give it?
I am
She then asked a few more questions
She spoke the charge of the dark Goddess
With the blade touched the five points of fellowship
Spoke a blessings

She passes chalice with Her finger she lets drop a few drops of blood.
This cup is the cup of the blood of the Goddess
She passes it to me and says May you never thirst
I drink
From the chalice she dips Her finger anoints my head with a pentecle
You now are Hers and She is yours
You are Her daughter , you are Her priestess you are Hers and She is yours so mote it be.

There are other gates and levels to the Morrigan circle and each has its own challenges..She crbs my face and kisses my forehead
I realise it is Badb the Great Mother aspect of the Morrigan.
Now She says
I am with you always but you must now go.......
I hear the caws and two crows I see fly.
I close my eyes and all has faded...................


As I sit here I am given thoughts and I write and I start seeing Five gates,..... and it hits me gates of Morrigan's circle- I am briefly shown the gates.......4/12/09 Mystic)0(

The Morrigans circle
Is a place of death and rebirth
All who enter must pass through Her waters
The Morrigan's circle
No one can lead you to
It is She who summons those She wants
When She calls you will know........

The Morrigans circle
Is not visible to the human eye.
Five are the gates to Her sacred circle
Five are the elements of the witches circle

First Gate is Dedication and new beginings
It is a place of choices and decision
The path of knowledge

Second Gate is Trial by fire
Where dedication and knowledge is tested
It is the path of thy Will ,is it strong.
A place of purification of ones passions and desires

Third Gate is Initiation

For it is the waters of death and rebirth
There are many intiations in life, passages we must go through.
The path of emotion of intuition. dreams, and psychic power

Fourth Gate is Earth
The realm of faery. and all earth spirits
It is a place of natural Magick
Growth, fertility,healing, Ancient wisdom
The path of the Crone It is the path to learn and know to be silentWisdom is not always shared through words.

Fith Gate- Spirit
Where now one may be commissioned to teach and mentor others in the ways of the Goddess
Here you will find the seat of the Crone , the true Elder ancient hag.

The Circle of the Morrigan is large in deed.
And whose not to say there is not a circle within a circle within a circle.
For the Morrigan is not simple you see
She is a triplicity.
She is a Lover She is Mother She is Crone
She is Warrior fierce and powerful
She is Queen of witches, faeries and priestess.

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  1. She is the most misunderstood of all who inhabit the realm of the Goddess. A true daughter of Lilith, she is said to come from out of the night. Yet, should she choose to know you, when she comes she brings not darkness, but the light carried to the world on the wings of the crow.